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Mai Tai Sheer Lipstick

  • $ 1700

The Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks in an array of colors to complement any skin tone, from extra-light to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula leaves lips feeling soft and supple.

Color Theory:

  • A deep reddish-pink color lipstick with a muted blue undertone
  • Use with Natural Lip Pencil for a soft, natural look
  • Great for all ages and skin tones
  • Adds warmth to mature faces

Quick Study:

  • Line with a MUD Lip Pencil for definition
  • Top off with MUD Lip Gloss for added intensity and shine
  • Mix colors and formulas to create custom looks

Tool School:

  • Use #310 Lip Brush for a flawless application
  • Pre-load #310 Lip Brush for touch-ups throughout the day

net wt .136 oz/3.8g

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