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#930 Concealer Synthetic Brush

#930 Concealer Synthetic Brush

  • $ 1900

Exceptional, high quality premium make-up brush designed by artists at Make-up Designory

Tool School:

  • Long, flat base and tapered bristles are ideal for applying MUD Correctors to hard-to-reach areas or creating a precise lip line
  • Use to apply Corrector in the inner corner of the eye, in the creases around the nose, and around the lips
  • Brush may also be used to apply MUD Sheer or Satin Lipstick, or Lip Gloss

    Quick Study:

    • To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner or baby shampoo and lay flat to dry
    • To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the skin rather than pushing bristles directly onto the skin

    Brush bristles are made of 100% synthetic fibers.

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